This is My Architecture

Like all things in our industry, things change and evolve. Years ago, I started a personal website. I believe everyone should have a presence somewhere that explains who you are and what you do. In today's digital world I think it will lead to credibility in the future. One of the things I noticed was that my website architecture has changed over the years that I have learned more and evolved with the technology that I have been exposed to. This is my opportunity to share what that evolution was.

Please Don't Be Like These Guys

With the inevitable breaches that are publicized in the news regularly, there begs the question that crosses my mind every now and again: "What exactly are companies doing to protect our data?" Granted, I don't believe companies should post online precisely what they are doing, but some level of reassurance is warranted. Like larger reach out to organizations to ensure their money is well spent. Similarly, like security conscious organization bound by compliance and audit requirements, seem to do to reassure their organizations are compliant to things like PCI and SOC, should be how all organizations and industries operate.

A Year in the Life

2016 has been just an amazing year. Met some great new friends and lost some old ones as well. If you have followed me this year, you know I stay on the move. I have flown about 50,000 miles (47,820) in the sky on an airplane and got to see so much of the US in a short amount of time. I have spent 101 days on the road. Completed three 40+ hour courses and certifications. Presented at 3 conferences with a combined attendance of approximately 3,000 people. 2016 wasn’t bad, time to see what 2017 brings.

What's In Your Lab?

There come times where an Information Security Consultant may have to deal with a program, vulnerability, or even an operating system that you haven't made contact with before. Times like that is where an essential item in a consultant's toolbox needs to be utilization. A lab! A lab is a critical tool that any InfoSec professional should have from forensics, reverse engineering, and even a pentester. I know many hiring managers and organizations as part of an interview process, asks the question, "What's in your lab?" or "What does your lab look like?"

Project Slam

Project Slam  is an initiative to utilize open source programs, operating systems, and tools to aid in defending against nefarious adversaries. The overall focus is to research adversary’s behavior and utilize the data that can be captured to generate wordlists, blacklists, and expose methodologies of various threat actors that can be provided back to the public in a meaningful and useful way…

5 Tips Airports Should Probably Pay attention to

One of the frequent realities of being an Information Security Consultant is traveling. Nine out of the ten times it is going to involve flying. While being at the airport a lot, you tend to end up noticing some not so flattering things. In general, it's been my experience that all airlines/airports have issues. Delta is my personally preferred airline, so I tend to see some unflattering things from them more than others. Learning is an important aspect of being a consultant, so let's walk through some of the things you may run into at the airport and let's not make them in any organization. All of them apply to any business with a network.